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The 390's blue silver coloration makes it clear this is a Graco product, so you can expect high-quality workmanship.


The Graco Nova390 is a portable paint sprayer that has been getting rave reviews from pro and DIY enthusiasts alike. It’s easy to use, offers great results for both large projects or small ones – even those hard-to reach places where other compressors won’t go!

Let’s see if all the hype is real.

The 5/8 horsepower motor and 0.47 gallons per minute speed will make short work of any residential or commercial project you have on your plate!

The Graco 390 airless sprayer is a lightweight and portable system that can be used in either the standard configuration or high boy mode. This means you have more options when it comes to transporting this tool around your job site!

A 50-foot hose is an excellent choice for those who want to get into hard places. It also has the added benefit of giving you more maneuverability and reach, which can help with coverage around ceilings or high fences

The Graco 390’s paint sprayer parts include high-quality ProConnect in field replacement system, durable V Max Blue packings and Advantage Drive to keep noise levels down.

I also love the EasyOut filter for my pump! But more on that further down our review.

Easy to transport at only 30 pounds.
Excellent for residential projects.
Fantastic value for money.
50-foot hose.
515 spray tip.
Easy to clean QuikAccess feeding valve.
Continuous pressure control.
Endurance Pump with long-lasting V-Max packings.
Perfect for the paint pros and passionate DIYers.
Sprays stains, latex, and acrylic.

Not suitable for automotive work

Adjustable Pressure Setting

The Nova 390 paint sprayer is beloved by pros and DIYers alike for its adjustability. Reviewers mention that this feature makes it popular in both commercial settings as well as personal use, with some saying they like changing pressures to alter patterns or mix air-ties into their work process more than ever before!

The settings on your machine can have a huge impact, so take time to get familiar with them before you start achieving top finishes.

Flexible Uptake Hose

The flexible uptake hose with a swivel feature not only allows you the option of keeping paint in one or five gallon containers, but also reduces how often it needs replacing. This means more time working on your project and less waiting around for refills!

Endurance Pump

Graco promises that their pump will last twice as long as the competitors’ units, advertising 390 as the most reliable unit on the market.

With a heavy-duty stainless steel cylinder included in the Nova 390 PC working perfectly with the Chromex rod and V-Max packings, 390 pressurizes the coating and moves through your work smoothly. The end result? Perfectly atomized spray that gives off an ultra smooth finish!

Easy Out Pump Filter

The Graco Easy Out Filter is an absolute godsend for anyone who’s tired of cleaning up messes. It’s easy to take out and minimize spilling, while also preventing collapse due its unique design that filters from the inside out!

The Nova 390 airless sprayer also has a filter that reduces the amount of product needed to clean your machine, making it easier for you.

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