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The Graco 395 paint sprayer is a multifunctional tool that can be used for various applications, including large interior and exterior walls as well property maintenance tasks. The power this device produces might not work well on smaller projects because. It is also not the best suited for automotive work.

The Graco Ultra 395 paint gun can work with a wide range of coating options — interior and exterior latex, enamels acrylics stains.

With SmartControl pressure control and Easy Out manifold filter, this paint sprayer is different from models by other manufacturers.

The Graco 395 airless paint sprayer is the perfect upgrade for any home owner. With 7/8hp DC engine, it can get up to 0.54 gallons per minute with 3300 psi maximum operating pressure, which will ensure you have faster coverage on your projects!

Swivel uptake hose to reach paint canisters easily.
Easy Out filter for maintenance and cleaning.
One-piece ProConnect pump replacement feature.
Advantage Drive with toughened stainless steel gears.
RAC X LTX 517 switchable tip provides up to a 12-inch fan pattern.
Hard-working 7/8 TEFC DC motor.
Delivers 0.54 gallons per minute.
3300 psi operating pressure.
Can deliver a variety of mediums.

Not great for smaller and detailed projects or automotive work.

Contractor PC Spray Gun

Lightweight and easy-to use, this spray gun will have you painting in no time. The trigger is 50% lighter than other models so it’s never too tough to use!

The E-Z Fit trigger means that you can achieve the perfect shooting grip no matter what size of hand or finger it is.

The ProConnect Replacement Cartridge is a single component that replaces all of the wearables in your spray gun. It’s like getting an entirely new tool with just one switch to turn!

Easy Out Filter

The filter is a crucial component in any paint sprayer that keeps your chosen material moving smoothly through and prevents dried-on residue from previous jobs getting onto the surface you’re working with.

The Graco 395 Ultra gun features an Easy Out filter that reduces clogging and achieves premium results. This unique inside-out design is easy to clean, making it achieve premium results!

ProConnect Pump Replacement

The one-piece ProConnect pump replacement system makes servicing your equipment in the field fast and easy. It reduces time spent on maintenance so you can get back to working almost instantly!

With no parts or pins to misplace, you can easily change your pump with just a screwdriver and 60 seconds to spare.

Swivel Uptake Hose

The swivel uptake hose is a game-changer for any painters out there. It’s so easy and quick to use. You can work from multiple paint cans at once!

Hardworking TEFC DC Motor

The Graco 395 paint sprayer has a powerful motor that provides excellent efficiency. The TEFC (totally enclosed, fan-cooled) design actively circulates air from outside of your machine through this system to keep it running at peak performance!

With its durable construction, this motor is encased and is perfect for all your residential and commercial projects. It can withstand the elements as well moisture dust or paint which makes them ideal in any application!

SmartControl 1.0 Pressure Controller

The Ultra 395 Graco is one of the most well-known and reliable high pressure sprayers on today’s market. The key component that makes this machine so great? SmartControl 1.0, which ensures an even, consistent delivery!

The X-LP sprayer tips are excellent for projects that require less overspray and finer finishes. With the help of this smart feature, your work is sure to be impressive!