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The small annual capacity of this product (125 gallons) means that it isn't ideal for contractors. At the same time, The Magnum X7 is a perfect choice for the dedicated homeowner who wants to make their home improvement projects more efficient and cost-effective.


The Graco Magnum X7 is the perfect choice for spraying large home projects. With its powerful motor and wide mist capabilities, this machine will be able to tackle anything you throw at it!

The 3000 PSI pump and annual 125 gallons capacity make this tool powerful enough for house exteriors, expansive deckings, sheds, and outbuildings. It provides rapid coverage and capable of utilizing dense paints such as latex.

The industry-respected SG2 gun is a handheld pistol that requires less physical effort than its competitors to use. It guarantees an even and debris free finish with the handle incorporated filter, so you can feel comfortable knowing this tool will never let down any homeowner who relies on it!

With its lightweight design, you can take the X7 with ease on your next home improvement adventure. No more struggling to load it onto a cart or lift heavy equipment! The powerful motor doesn’t need any fluids and has an easy-to use suction line that draws directly from original paint containers – meaning there’s no need for another refill with this awesome machine.

With variable pressure control, you can adjust the output intensity depending on your spraying needs. This includes a PowerFlush adaptor that enables hassle-free free cleaning and connections for garden hose posts!

The Graco X7 Magnum is the flagship sprayer in their Project Series — a line of products aimed at DIYers who want to get a PRO quality job done with a unit they can buy on a budget.

Ideal for large scale DIY projects.
Ideal for large scale DIY projects.
Lightweight SG2 gun.
25-foot hose (supports up to 100-feet).
0.63 horsepower output.
PowerFlush adaptor.
PushPrime for simple preparation.
Suction hose means no filling with paint.
Suitable for unthinned mediums.
3000 PSI.

Liable to overspray on the high setting.
Paint hook needs to be larger.
Loud operation.

SG2 Spray Gun

Wielding the SG2 makes you feel like one of Old Western gunslingers.

With a lightweight metal construction and 515 tip for spraying all types of paints, this pistol is perfect to take on your next project. However if you need specific size coater mediums available separately too—they can handle tips from 0.009-inch through to 0.017-inch (available separately).

The large trigger of the SG2 reduces finger strain and has an easy pull, which means you can use it on bigger jobs with less effort than before.

The gun features a spray tip guard to protect it from bumps and knocks. A top-mounted lever enables you reverse the direction of your nozzle if there’s an obstruction, so that you can blast away at whatever is causing problems with ease!

Pail Hook

The front-mounted pail hook is a welcome inclusion with the Graco Magnum 262805 X7.

Hang your paint container on the cart to prevent accidental kicks or trips that could leave a new coat of color anywhere but where it belongs.

Furthermore, it is easy to move the whole unit – pump and painting medium in one movement of your cart.

Adjustable Pressure Control

This 3000 PSI and 0.63 HP pump delivers the perfect amount of pressure for spraying denser paints without thinning. But, if you would rather not have eye-watering output it’s available for you too! The Magnum X7 has an adjustable pressure control that can be set to deliver the perfect amount of paint with just one turn.

Time Savers

The Graco Magnum Pro X7 is a game changer for any homeowner who wants to have fun with their own laser quest at home. This high tech toy features two convenient features that take away all the hassle of preparing and cleaning up after yourself, giving you more time spent playing!

The Graco PushPrime capability of prepping your machine before you start means less time wasted and more painting!

Suction Line

Draw your paint from its original container with the Graco X7, preventing spills and saving you valuable time.

To ensure that your paint-sucking pump system lasts as long and can filter out any debris, this sturdy stainless steel 25 mesh wallowing pipe has been incorporated into the design.

25-Foot Hose

The 25-foot DuraFlex hose on the X7 makes for a simple moving around the area. You still don’t want to be moving it after just minutes of spraying, so we’re pleased that they included such an extended length with their latest product!

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