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The Graco Ultra Max is a robust machine that delivers an impeccable finish. Specced to the max and created for serious users, this sprayer will make your projects shine like never before!


For those who demand operational freedom, the Graco Ultra Max Cordless Airless Handheld Paint Sprayer 17M367 is one of a few cord-free machines on today’s market.

This paint sprayer is ideal for users who use solvent-based materials and has been tested by professionals to ensure it meets the demands of intense day-to-day spraying. It can handle flammable liquids (typically a serious no), making this unit perfect unlike a lot of the electric engine machines.

The Graco Ultra Max is the perfect tool for any job that requires 500 – 2000 psi of pressure. It’s easy-to use, comes with a 514 tip to accommodate range of materials and has an adjustable rotary dial.

The Graco 17M367’s lightweight and durable carbide piston pump provides reassuring durability. Additionally, it has a FlexLiner system that makes post-project cleaning easy!

This machine’s proprietary ProConnect technology allows for rapid pump replacement, which not only reduces downtime but also saves money in the long run.

2 DeWalt XR lithium-ion cells and battery charger come in a robust storage bag for easy transportation. Each pack provides around an hour of continual use from just one charge.

Graco’s flagship machine is the cordless Max 17M367. The Ultra product line offers professionals an upgrade from their budget-friendly counterparts with more durable materials and flammable medium compatibility, but comes at higher price points.

Carbide piston for durability.
Lightweight for an airless handheld sprayer.
Adjustable 500 to 2000 psi output.
Complete with 210 and 514 tips.
Substantial nozzle tip guard.
ProConnect system cuts downtime.
Non-fluctuating pressure for a smooth coat.
Six FlexLiner cup bags.
Arrives with a storage case.
60-mesh filter.
Designed for professional users.
A premium product, but without the premium price point.
Might be overkill for the average DIYer.
Unsuitable for large projects.

Cordless Capability

Well, if you’re looking for a cordless paint sprayer then I can give two cents about that. It’s almost as hard finding the perfect Woody Allen movie after 1984!

The issue is power and operational time.

The designers were struggling to pack enough energy in the battery for a hydraulic pump, but with Graco’s solution they found that it could be lighter and longer lasting than before. The company came up their own lightweight yet robust carbide piston, which helps lessen draw on battery while using the sprayer, and extends the use time.

The Graco 17M367 is an impressive tool for the professional contractor who needs to complete projects quickly. The two DeWalt 20-volt Max XR packs and charger come included, as well as a 35 minute charge time so you can work without interruption.

The freedom to move around without being limited by cord is an advantage that many people can definitely find very useful.

ProConnect Piston Pump

Time is money!

If you’re a professional, downtime means fewer hours on the clock. And if your hobby is DIYing things yourself then it might not cost money per se but there’s no doubt that this can cut into what time we have for other activities in life!

And Graco Ultra Max 17M367 has a ProConnect system, which I’m happy to see.

The system is designed with an easy-to use, quick repair option in case this vital piece breaks. All you need is a screw driver. This contrasts many other machines which require full stripping down before they’re able fix their broken pumps. A much more costly process considering how expensive these parts cost when new.

Painting Medium Versatility

Whether you’re a professional builder or just want to do your own home improvements, the versatility of this tool sure does not disappoint. With its ability in any medium type, it’s perfect for whatever project may come along!

Not only can this machine handle stains, sealers, enamels, chalk, and latex-based paints without thinning, but it can also cope with flammable liquids, including solvents.

Most airless sprayer manufacturers emphasize that flammable materials should never be used. Graco Ultra Max is different.

The Ultra Max cordless can spray hot lacquers and solvents safely thanks to an innovative sealing system that ensures no leaks. It also features a spark-prevention design, making it perfect for professional use in almost any environment!

With a choice of two tips (a 210 for fine finishes and 514 more expansive areas), you can deliver the perfect coat dependent on your base material. If there is an obstruction, simply twist back our top-mounted lever to blast it out!

FlexLiner System

That’s possibly the most controversial addition Ultra Max 17M367.

The Graco airless paint sprayer has a different approach to storage. Instead of using plastic or acrylic paints in traditional containers, they use disposable flex liner bags that can be easily disposed after used with your project.

For those who are too busy with their day-to-day lives and don’t have time for after job cleanups, this novel feature may seem highly desirable.

Though the obvious financial downside is that you have to continually purchase replacement bags, there’s also a socially responsible question about whether sending paint-stained used FlexLiners can be a major harm to environment.